Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the meals last?

-The meals last for 7 days maximum. Salads are recommended to consumed within 3 days

Can I freeze the meals?

-The meals can be frozen for up to 1 week, however fresh salads we do not recommend freezing at all

How does the monthly meal plan work?

-Meals are delivered once a week on the same day for 4 weeks.

You will not receive all the meals delivered at once, only 10 per week.

Can I mix up my meal options like vegan and seafood?

-Yes, we have a mix and match meal plan that can be purchased weekly or monthly

I do not eat red meat or pork, can I substitute?

-Yes, our substitution is ground turkey and you can also omit any pork items in the special request section

Why does my delivery say 2 days but my email conformation says it can be delivered tomorrow?

-Depending on your order size, our team will be able fulfill it by the next day

What time will I receive my meals?

-We start deliveries at 4pm, so you can expect your meals to be delivered between 4pm-8pm. A confirmation text will be sent in the morning and also when our assistant is in route to you

How soon should I place my order for the week?

-Our online ordering system is open 24hrs, orders should be placed 2 days in advance. Orders made after 6 pm will be confirmed on the next business day.

Do you customize meals to fit diabetic needs or heart healthy?

-Yes, we accept custom orders to fit your dietary needs, please email or call us directly to discuss your options.

Do the meal plans include breakfast?

-The meal plans include lunch and dinner, we do offer breakfast items for an additional cost

Where can I find the nutritional information like calories and carbs?

-We can provide nutritional information upon request via email

If I decide to pick up my order, will my order be ready sooner?

-No, all meal plan orders can expect a 2 day turnaround

Can I omit all dairy items?

-Yes, you may request no dairy in the special request section when ordering.


I expected a 2 day turnaround for my meals but my email confirmation says 3 days?

-Our typical turnaround time is 2 days, however when we experience a very high demand in orders, there may be an added delay of 1 day

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